About Lambda Alpha

After almost twenty years as an entrepreneur I still enjoy creating, but what I love even more is helping young talent with a totally new approach to develop and grow their business.

For me is not just about investing money, I invest my experience and network, in accordance with the specific needs of each startup.

How I can help

My background is in AdTech and Media, where I think I can support is:

- Going to market

- Distribution and MKTG

- UX and simplicity on the user flow

- Growth and scaling of business and people.

- Fund raising and corporate development decisions

Investment criteria (do’s and don’ts)

Since  my first investments , I have made some mistakes, and learned some lessons:

-Never be in love with the idea, be in love with the entrepreneur. Good execution skills and focus are what matters most. 

- My role is to help and give advice. Sometimes, too much advice. A successful entrepreneur is someone who thinks for himself and can say no.

- It’s ok to think local if you see opportunities to be a market leader. Otherwise, don’t be afraid to think international: your first market could be one you never even thought about.

- No more Angels only round, I only invest if there is a VC leading the round.  A good equity story is created from day one: Who is able to find a great lead on day one, has already a faster speed.

The Founders

There are always exceptions, but the ones I am looking for are mostly :

Some one who has a good track record as a C- level role in a  start up become a scaleup. 

A  first time young founder who has already got the attention of a good early stage VC .

Of course a Serial Entrepreneur who already has scaled his company

What We Look For

If you have read through here and still think I am the right person to work with, well… let me be more specific!

I am  looking to invest and be involved in two or three new companies each year. There can be some passive investments on top of that, but it’s not what I prefer. Because I like to be closely involved, the business should be located primarily in Europe, preferably Ireland, France or the UK.

We are interested in a large range of areas, from Finteche to SAAS and from DTC to future of Work, but my investments have in common that they are strong and internationally scalable businesses. Their core team is small and they have a market to disrupt of minimum 1bn USD.

If this applies to your business, please fill in the form and send me your deck.

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